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Hope #1
1 March 2013

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Macro givre #3
27 November 2012

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25 July 2012

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Fly like a bird
30 June 2012

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Power of three #3
25 May 2012

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Power of three #2
24 May 2012

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Pop corn
25 April 2012

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12 April 2012

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Fisheye winter garden
17 March 2012

Recent Comments

Ronnie 2¢ on Piments #2
Lovely clean and fresh presentation. Impact !

Jojigirl on Piments #2
wow! nice and vivid composition!

Mowgli on Space mission #55657575756
Génial, Bravo !

Kristina on Winter
Not so very different from springtime in Kyiv! Great image.

Benz World on Happy St. Patrick's Day !!
You have a very creative photoblog. Lots of imagination.

Vert Pomme on Happy St. Patrick's Day !!

Gilles on Happy St. Patrick's Day !!
beautiful thoughts

Patrick M. on Happy St. Patrick's Day !!
Merci beaucoup ! excellent ce minimalisme

Shaahin Bahremand on Colors #2
excellent idea well done

Paul on Colors
Nice image .....Well done

Mandar on Colors

Ainsley on Colors
very clever, great colour :)

Christine on Colors
Belle composition !

Shaahin Bahremand on Hope #4
woooow ! you have greatest ideas excellent

Shaahin Bahremand on I heart photography
wooooooooooow ! Unbelievable idea I like your thought ! excellent 5* for your beauty brain

Nitin on I heart photography
Nice picture - lovely, romantic. Advertorial type.

Blandine111 on I heart photography
Nice composition!

BiLL on Love is in the air...
Nice use of props.

Shaahin Bahremand on Love is in the air...
magnificent idea excellent

Yvonne Simons (:|:) on Hope #4
Very original, i love your portfolio, fantastic!! (•‿•)

shervin on Hope #4

Marie-Line on Hope #4

Blandine111 on Hope #4
Nice word for this day!

Becky on Hope #4
: ) Yes!

Marie-Line on Home is where your family is....
Well done and beautiful!

Ziemowit on Home is where your family is....
Dom miłości? :>

Ziemowit on E.T. - PHONE - HOME
Świetne! Odlot na poziomie! :)

Marie-Line on Hope #3

Basile Pesso on Hope #2
Excellent !

Christine on Hope #1
Beaucoup d'originalité !

dombouvet on Me, myself and I
bonjour, une photo intrigante, j'aime beaucoup.. il faut s'évader et vite....

Abena on Last one...I promise ...
haha I like the title of this, and it gets on my nerves at times when I just can't stop shooting! This image is ...

Dokmateo on Macro givre #3
Nice find and capture!

omid on Last one...I promise ...
very nice! so beautiful reflections!

Soheil on Last one...I promise ...
very well framing nice shot have a nice day ;)

Dokmateo on Et voilà :-)
Lovely chandelier..with xmas ball! thumbs up!

omid on X-mas is around the corner...;-)
:) very nice! so beautiful colors, lights & reflections!

Marie on Macro givre #2
superbe !

Dokmateo on X-mas is around the corner...;-)
Welll composed shot...a beautiful self portrait!

glenn on Me, myself and I

Sarito on Upside down #2
Cool shot..

Sarito on :-) #2
Lovely shot

Sarito on Me, myself and I
Cool framing.. How did you end up there?? :).

Dimitrios on Me, myself and I
POOR YOU, you are in prison! lol lol cool framing Magda

Christian Richer on Avion #2
L'idée, le cadrage, la lumière... J'aime beaucoup ce cliché ! Quant à la taille ...

Christian Richer on Zombie me
Moi qui pensais qu'on vivait sainement à Montréal...

Christian Richer on I'm your father....

Mamyni on Ménage
Toute la famille s'y met...c'est plus amusant tous ensemble!

omid on :-) #2
:) very nice & so beautiful! L O V E L Y !!!

omid on Upside down #2
very nice & amazing! so beautiful colors, lights, rfelections & rotate!

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